For testing and validating the two main products of the APhoRISM project, i.e. the Likelihood Index Damage Map (LIDaM) and the Integrated Ash Product (IAP), it is necessary to select at least two events for each product, one for product testing and the other one for validation purposes (Task T5.1). The site and event selection has been made on the basis of  the following rules. We need a relevant, representative and past volcanic or seismic event with an exhaustive reference dataset available, including an adequate coverage of Earth Observation data.

A total of six events have been selected: two for the volcanic products and four for seismic products.

The latter ones include two spatial resolutions: products at single-building scale and products at city-block scale. The discussion involved people from different working teams. The main aspect related to the choices are resumed the deliverable D5.1.

Despite the availability of several events potentially suited to LIDaM and IAP testing, only a few test sites are able to provide the datasets necessary to test the product implementation and for validation. Based on the analysis resumed in the deliverable D5.1, the following sites and events are proposed.

For testing the IAP products, we selected the events related to the Eyjafjallajökull and Grímsvötn volcanoes, occurred in Island in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

The IAP validation will be carried out at Etna (Italy). At this volcano, independent data collected by the scanning lidar system VAMP, recently installed by INGV in the “M.G. Fracastoro” astrophysical observatory, are available. This represents a valuable tool for monitoring the explosive activity of Etna. In addition, useful data can come from a video surveillance system based on VIS/TIR cameras, which is installed on the Southern and Eastern flanks of the volcano.

The quakes selected for seismic product testing are L’Aquila (Italy) 2009, for single-building scale, and Izmit (Turkey) 1999, for city-block scale. The selected validation sites are the Christchurch (New Zealand) 2010-2011 and Port-au-Prince (Haiti) 2010 quakes. The first one is for the single-building scale and the second one for the city-block scale.



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