Aphorism at the Second International Conference on Vulnerability and Risk Analysis and Management (ICVRAM) and Sixth International Simposium on Uncertainty Modelling and Analysis (ISUMA), 2014

You can find the abstract of the proceeding here.

You can find the conference here.

Aphorism at the 2014 European Space Solutions (ESS), Prague

The event, NATURAL DISASTERS: EARTH OBSERVATION AND GEOSPATIAL TECHNOLOGIES IN SUPPORT TO PREVENTION, PREPAREDNESS AND RECOVERY organized in the framework of the 2014 ESS conference, is devoted to illustrate achievements and short-/mid-term RTD perspectives in the EO-enhanced, global thematic mapping at high levels of automation, having in mind the optimization of the Copernicus Emergency Mapping Service as the ultimate goal.

The event has been concluded by a round table, where APhoRISM was invited, expected to highlight standardization and interoperability issues along with current and perspective needs in Territorial Knowledge, intelligent Monitoring and quantitative Early Warning, aimed at improving timeliness and focus of the response, and efficiency of the Copernicus system as a whole. 

You can find the poster here.

Aphorism at the Technology For All Forum, 2014

You can find the abstract of the presentation here.

You can find the forum here.

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