APhoRISM at FRINGE, 2015

APhoRISM project was presented at FRINGE 2015 as an oral presentation and paper. An earthquake damage mapping methodology based on the coherence of persistent scatterers using a stack of ENVISAT ASAR images was presented. The damage map generated for Christchurch, New Zeeland, after the Darfield Earthquake on 3-Sep-2010, and the liquefaction maps resulting from in-situ assessments were compared, indicating a good potential of this methodology for this case of study.

You can find the abstract here.

You can find the presentation here.

APhoRISM at the Third International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment, 2015  in Cyprus.

You can find the presentation here.

First APhoRISM Annual Meeting

The first Annual Meeting of APhoRISM was held at INGV headquarter in Rome on February 11 and 12, 2015. The meeting wass the first opportunity to show and discuss the main outcomes of all the WPs, highlighting the step forward of scientific activities, and share the results among the project partners. A very important contribution to the meeting came from participation of the members of the Expert Advisory Group: their welcome feedbacks allowed to point out some criticalities of the project and the Aphorism proposed methodologies, and they gave useful inputs for correcting some aspects of the work to be done in the future months.


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